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Safety & Security film can be applied easily to any glass surface, acting as a membrane that holds the broken glass together if an accident occurs. So instead of sharp shards flying out from a breakage the film will hold the shattered pieces in place. The broken pane will still need replacing but the chance of injury is minimised.

Installation of a certified safety film can bring glass up to Grade ‘A’ safety level under Australian Standard AS1288.

Safety & Security film can be retrofit to your existing ‘float’ glass windows bringing them up to current Australian Standards for safety glass, which is a requirement for all pre-schools and schools and a must have for houses with kids. Optically clear and highly transparent, these films allow light to pass through while stopping 99% UV rays.

Also available with heat reducing options.


Security Films can be fitted to existing glass to upgrade the window glazing thereby preventing unwanted entry.

The Security films strengthen the glass to make it virtually impenetrable thereby deterring the would-be smash and grab burgular.

Commercially also used to prevent flying glass in the event of a terrorist attack or severe weather event.

Security film is a thick laminate film applied to glass. When broken the glass remains bonded to the security film with the integrity of the glass intact to prevent entry (see photo below). Installing our USA made security films will protect your house or building.

We supply and install a full range of quality Safety & Security films.

Anti-Graffiti Film


A clear film usually applied to the exterior glass of commercial buildings, toilet mirrors, trains or bus windows.

Anti-graffiti film is the most cost effective way of rectifying vandalism attacks to glass surfaces.

Instead of replacing the whole piece of glass disturbing staff or your valuable customers the film is removed and replaced with fresh anti-graffiti film.

Anti-graffiti film is a thick laminated film designed to prevent scratching, for example when a vandal uses a screw driver to attempt to scratch the glass.

Existing vandalized glazing scratches are also greatly improved by applying anti-graffiti film as the films adhesive fills in the scratch making it far less visible than before, often completely invisible.