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Looking for Privacy?

Add day & night privacy with our decorative range of frosted/ opaque translucent films or block out privacy films. We also have a full range of solar window films perfect for daytime privacy. Choose from darker low reflective films or the reflective look.

The Sun too hot for you?

Do you know home & office windows account for up to 87% of overall heat gain. Solar window tinting can provide up to 84% solar energy reduction by reflecting & absorbing most of the suns rays. Create a more comfortable environment while reducing cooling costs.

Worried about Safety & Security?

Protect children from serious injury should they accidently fall into glass with Australian standard Safety film. Deter burglars with advanced Security film making it harder to penetrate the glass and gain access.

Floorboards Fading?

Fading to furniture & floorboards are a common reason to have solar glass films installed. Preventing up to 80% of fading we have a range of films from light to dark to choose from.

Avtech Window Tinting is a family owned business. Located in Perth’s Northern Suburbs servicing all of Perth area.


Quality USA made solar films, fully guaranteed


17 Years in business as the original proprietors


Affordable prices with Professional Results

We provide a professional service at an affordable price for all your window tinting needs, using our vast experience in the window tinting industry to tailor the correct film application for your business or home. As the original proprietors we take pride in being recommended by satisfied customers who often call us weeks or years later requesting more of our services.

  For over 17 years our business has been providing window tinting services to the Perth area and surrounds. As an owner operator business we take our time with care installing our films or signs and use only quality products. We stock a full range of great looking and best performing films from only trusted manufacturers allowing our customers to have a wide range of options with fully guaranteed products and workmanship.

  Our main aim in business is to leave the customer feeling genuinely satisfied after dealing with us. We always strive to maintain a high level of service with an attention to detail. Being reliable, providing great workmanship and displaying a good attitude is of most importance to us.

  With 20 years experience Adam’s knowledge of the Window Film industry will provide the best solution for your unique window tinting requirements.

Please drop us an email or call Adam for a free quote today.


Why Window Tinting?


Reduce Heat

Solar window tinting can provide up to 84% solar energy reduction versus clear glass by preventing most of the heat from transferring through the glass. Window film helps create a more comfortable living or working environment while reducing cooling costs.

Reduce Fading

Window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays while also significantly reducing heat. Protect your valuable wooden floor boards, carpet, blinds or furniture from the sun’s damaging rays. This can be achieved without noticeably darkening the rooms using lighter film options.


Cut Annoying Glare

Whatever the cause: direct sunlight, reflection off a neighbours’ roof or surrounding buildings. Like sunglasses window film does an excellent job of cutting the sun’s glare.

Energy Savings

Solar control glass films can significantly reduce building cooling costs as the air conditioning won’t be required to work as hard. The resulting savings on power bills may eventually compensate for the window tinting installation costs.



Add day & night privacy with our decorative range of frosted/ opaque translucent films or block out privacy films. We also have a full range of solar window films perfect for daytime privacy. Choose from darker low reflective films or the reflective look.



Increase Safety & Security

Accidents, weather events & burglary attempts can instantly turn a pane of glass into dangerous shards. Protect you home & family or business from glass shards or smash and grab robberies. Upgrade glass to official safety standard AS/NZS 2203 with glass safety film.

Causes of Fading

How Window Film Works

As solar radiation strikes a piece of glass, window film acts as a “sunscreen” to block harmful UV rays as well as regulate the levels of heat and light passing through the glass.

When solar energy or sunlight, comprised of heat, light and UV Rays hits an untreated window, almost 90% of the energy is transmitted through the glass. In contrast, once solar control window film is applied to glass nearly 80% of solar energy can be blocked.

Happy Customers

thumb_02_60_60Kevin Thomas

Kingsley, WA

“Avtech Window Tinting were efficient, polite, well organise, know what they were doing. Over all very satisfied with the service and with the job completed. They also provided competitive price.”

thumb_02_60_60Lynda Drust

Kingsley, WA

” Very pleased with our window tinting. Adam did a great job & no mess to clean up either. We’re now enjoying no more afternoon glare through our family room windows. ”

thumb_03_60_60Margaret Trutwein

Beechboro, WA

“I was very impressed with Avtech. They were prompt in replying to my emails and gave excellent service completing the job. I would have no hesitation recommending to others.”


Can Window Tinting really reduce heat in my home or office?

Glass Tinting can reduce room Temperature by 6-11 °C not only keeping the room cooler but also providing comfort for persons sitting close to a window by bouncing the sun’s rays off the glass preventing heat radiating through.

Can’t we pull the blinds closed to stop the heat instead of tinting?

While blinds can help to prevent some heat by varying degrees blinds do not provide the insulation properties of solar window films. Unlike window films blinds allow heat to be transferred, trapping hot air between the blind & the glass while Window film prevents up to 84% of this heat from transferring through the glass in the first place.

With window tinting can we still comfortably view out the window?

Yes, in fact solar window film improves the view like a good pair of sunglasses by cutting the white light glare & balancing the light in the room. We have a range of architectural films to choose from allowing you to leave your blinds open on the hot days & enjoy your view.

Does Solar Window Tinting provide night time privacy?

Solar film is great for day time privacy though not effective at night. For day and night time privacy we recommend our range of frosted opaque window films.

Will our range of Window Tinting films last the distance?

All our solar films come with 10 year to lifetime manufacturers warranties ensuring your investment is protected against a premature lifespan. We use several USA made film suppliers to offer a broad range of options, colours and shades. All are warrantied against bubbling, peeling, delaminating, adhesive failure & more (see Warranty). All workmanship is also fully guaranteed.

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